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This is a group for those seeking to experience hatha yoga in it's full depth and dimension. It is our vision to offer this ancient science in all its purity and make it available to individuals of all ages and ability.

Today when you mention the word yoga, most people think of somebody standing on their head or bending over backwards. But, yoga is not about doing anything in particular. It is simply a way of being. It is a certain way in which a person can be.

The word yoga literally means union. It is not an exercise or a practice. It is a state, which you can experience beyond body and mind.

Now there are many ways to reach this state and lsha Hatha Yoga is one of the ways. lsha means that which is fundamental, that which is the very source. So this is called lsha Hatha Yoga because it is a means to access that dimension which is the source of your creation.


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NZ Ashram

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