Past Meetup

Festival of the West - $16


Festival of the West is a fun event, even if you are not that into Western culture. The organizers have not put a schedule on their web page so we will play it by ear. There are vendors, musical performances, gunfight reenactments, "western" celebrities (if you can call people like Kevin Sorbo from Hercules and Bruce Boxleitner western celebrities), and more. They always have rodeo type demonstrations as well but that is not specifically mentioned on their web page so I can't guarantee it will be happening.

We will meet at the ticket booth (hope there aren't more than 1) and spend about 4 hours there and get lunch. You can buy the tickets at the door or online and are welcome to stay longer.

I love this event so much that I volunteered one year. They put me in the western celebrities area which is why I don't like the "western" celebrity area anymore. Of course half the people who were there when I volunteered likely died. BUT Robert Fuller is FANTASTIC so if you are a fan you have to meet him.

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