Movie Premier Brittany Runs a marathon at Harkins Camelview -

This is a past event

26 people went



I have a limited number of free tickets to see the movie

1)What you need to do is rsvp to go on waitlist.
2)Send me your first and last name and what movie and date thru meetup messages - please do not add as a comment everyone else does not need the meetup notification and messages due to a new message and do not send me email or text me all in 1 spot in meetup messages

Must say location have multiple showings

3) I will move you to a yes if and when I have a spot for you.
4) no guests if have spots will post week of and ask for guests then
5) if do not this within 24 hours of joining waitlist will be changed to a no
6) no show - (you are a no show if you go to a no after I send list in (24 hours ahead of time) or do not show- up- ( you are taking spots that others would of used and can result in not getting in for future movies

You should be there by 600 movie (to get in line to get a decent seat) but if you are there after 630 you are not guaranteed a spot. Movie will start at 7 pm. At 630 they open it for GA tickets so then you are not guaranteed a spot after that point.


A hard-partying woman receives a startling wake-up call when a visit to the doctor reveals how unhealthy she is. Motivated to lose weight, she soon takes up running to help her prepare for her ultimate goal of competing in the New York City Marathon.

1) Cyndi Hullett
Susan Rayman
Randy King
Pamela Stewart
Linee Ferguson
Touti sadri
Shirley Wong
Anne Till
Sandra Edwards
10)Duane Wong,
Vicki Sentell
Lisa Miller
Harry Kurniawan
Jeff george
Michelle Soracco
Susan Halfpop
Jules Trump
Freda Feliciano
Stu Wolk
20)Jacob Juarez
Eric Chudzik
Kim Rezek
Rakefet Yogev
John Perrotta
25)Linda Perrotta
Maggie Doehnert

Vanessa Hughes
Ron Miller
Manny Redd
Martha Sniegowski
April Mikrut
Mya Mikrut
Debra Breiner
Amber Kelley
David shade