What we're about

Deep learning is an exciting and booming branch of artificial intelligence with numerous applications in art, business, agriculture, bioinformatics, and various other fields. Join this group if you would like to connect with like-minded deep learning practitioners and researchers. We will be hosting various events such as:

  • Deep learning workshops
  • Networking events
  • Paper reading groups
  • Project and study groups

Upcoming events (1)

Transformers: the architecture of ChatGPT Workshop

Impact Hub Honolulu

In our second workshop we will be going over transformers. Transformers are used in numerous applications but most notably ChatGPT and GPT 1 through 4. You will find that a lot of large language models such as ChatGPT have similar architectures and tend to reuse the same core concepts. The main differences in ChatGPT versus a language model you can run on your laptop is primarily due to scale and the methods in which larger models are trained. Join us in this workshop to explore transformers: the architecture of ChatGPT.
Minimum Prerequisites:

  • Basic coding experience in an object oriented language such as python.


Past events (3)

Deep Learning Hawaii Spring Kickoff: Show and Tell

Impact Hub Honolulu