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Hadoop Summit 2013 HBase Meetup

Hosted by Bay Area HBase User Group

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This Meetup is past

237 people went


Hosted by: Devaraj Das on behalf of Hortonworks

This will be a 'Birds of a Feather' session held at the Hadoop Summit.

Some folks are presenting short talks in the meetup. Here is the list:

1. Distributed Log Replay
Talk about the past method, describe the changes in the new method, and the issues faced. (Jeffrey Zhong)

2. Idempotency of operations in HBase (HBASE-3787)
Talk about issues around idempotency, and the solutions. (Sergey Shelukhin)

3. Secondary Index
Talk about the implementation in Phoenix (Jesse Yates)

4. 0.95 / 0.96
Talk about the exciting new stuff in 0.95 and maybe plans around 0.96 RCs (Stack)

5. Move to a well defined Type support in HBase (HBASE-8089)
Talk about the type support that is going to be a more standard way of reading from and writing to HBase in the future. (Nick Dimiduk)

6. HBase on Yarn
Talk about the HBase on Yarn work and demo (Devaraj Das)