• HBase Meetup @Visa in Palo Alto
    Our friends are at Visa are hosting an HBase Meetup at their Palo Alto offices next week, Tuesday, the 25th. Come on by! Socializing starts at 6:30PM (Pizza and drinks!). Talks start at 7PM. The mighty Lars George (author of HBase, The Definitive Guide) will be on hand with a few words. Sandeep Malik will talk about "HBase @WalmartLabs - Challenges and Solutions" The illustrious John Leach, of Splice Machine, will talk about their latest work, "Operationalize SpliceMachine in public or private clouds with HBase, Spark and Mesos" Michael Stack will talk about whats coming in HBase-2.0.0. If time, lets have an open discussion section... Come on by! (Don't forget to signup for HBaseCon2017 (http://hbasecon.com) on the Google MV Campus. CfP closes April 24th (https://easychair.org/cfp/hbasecon2017). HBaseCon Asia (https://easychair.org/cfp/HBaseConAsia2017) is August 4th, in Shenzhen)

    Visa Silicon Valley Lab

    386 Sherman Ave · Palo Alto, CA

  • Meetup @ SpliceMachine
    Its been a while. Some friends are in town so lets have a meetup. Here is a provisional schedule. Write me off list if you want to talk about anything you think the community would be interested in and we'll add you to the agenda. + Update on the state of Omid2, the Transaction Manager that runs over HBase currently in Apache Incubator by our Ohad Shacham of Yahoo! Research + A quick update on the transactional support for HBase tables by Apache Trafodion (incubating) by Shangsheng Tung, Sean Broeder and Narendra Goyal of Esgyn. + Accordion: HBase Inmemory Compactions by Anastasia Braginsky of Yahoo! Research + Splice Machine updates - columnar storage, in-memory pinning and sketching algorithms by Monte Zweben. Please only reply if you intend to attend; we don't want to order too little or too much pizza and beer. Thank all.

    Splice Machine

    612 Howard Street Suite 300 · San Francisco, CA

  • Dev Meetup on the Night before HBaseCon2016!
    Lets meet on the night before hbasecon2016 at the Splice Machine office in San Francisco. Lets make it a working meeting. Here is the agenda currently: •Apache HBase Build: • Sean Busbey with a quick tour of How Apache Yetus drives the HBase build • Apekshit Sharma with an overview of our new Flakey Test Feedback Loop up on Apache Jenkins • Solving read and streaming writes while maintaining performance by Nitin Goyal of Guavus • Changing out Delete Semantic by Duo Zhang • GROUP DISCUSSION led by Nick Dimiduk: Whats 'next'? What are we doing right? What do we need to fix? Where does Apache HBase fit in the expanding galaxy of big data apps and cloud? Our gracious hosts will supply engineer fuel. Please reply only if you intend to attend otherwise they'll be left with a bunch of dead pizza at the end of the night. Be aware that on the morning AFTER hbasecon, our Phoenix brothers and sisters are putting on phoenixcon at Salesforce. Check out: http://www.meetup.com/SF-Bay-Area-Apache-Phoenix-Meetup/events/230545182/ Finally, use this code to get 25% off your hbasecon registration: HBCMTY See you all in May!

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  • Meetup@Salesforce in Downtown SF
    Come join us for an HBase meetup in downtown San Francisco, hosted by Salesforce.com. Food and drink will be provided. Agenda Meet and greet Efficient time-series in HBase - Vladimir Rodionov, Hortonworks Tuning Apache HBase and Phoenix for OLTP - Andrew Purtell, Salesforce.com HBase 2.0 - Matteo Bertozzi, HBase 2.0 RM, Cloudera

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  • Meetup@MachineZone
    Come join us for an HBase meetup in Palo Alto, kindly hosted by MachineZone (http://www.machinezone.com/), HBase users and makers of Game of War. Food and drink will be provided. TOPICS: An HBase Use Case at Machine Zone: Big Data Visualization By Stephen Yan, Director, Data Platform at Machine Zone Traditional BI visualization tools have been working great together with SQL databases, providing the ability for end users to browse data from different angles. These tools normally extract data from the databases and cache that in a local DB, to reduce the traffic to the live data stores and improve the performance. All of these solutions work well under certain data amounts. Beyond that, the query performance dramatically decreases. One typical limitation is that many such tools are lacking when it comes to clustering, with no meaningful way to scale out, so there is a limit to scale up. This talk will describe the visualization challenges we face at Machine Zone with ever-increasing data amounts using typical BI visualization products, and the approaches we are using by leveraging HBase, Hadoop SQL layer, together with the existing visualization tools to solve this problem. Recent Improvements to Scanners in HBase By Jonathan Lawlor, Software Engineer Intern at Cloudera This talk will focus on recent performance and stability improvements that have been made to Scanners inside HBase. There will be a particular focus on RPC chunking and Scanner heartbeat/keepalive messages, and if time permits, Jonathan will also provide a brief overview of other important changes. Operational analytics using Apache HBase and Apache Drill By Neeraja Rentachintala, Director of Product Management at MapR While flat files are nice, tables are nicer. While insights on large raw datasets are nice, doing such analysis in real time as data becomes available is nicer. With its ability to store wide and sparse datasets coming from heterogeneous applications and perform database style operations to keep the data up-to-date, Apache HBase is becoming increasingly popular as a store that can enable the kind of flexibility people expect out of traditional data warehousing technology. This talk will go into details of integration between Apache Drill and Apache HBase, specifically how Drill can serve as a SQL query layer on HBase and how the flexibility of Drill to directly query self describing and multi-structured data makes it as a very natural tool of choice for analysis on HBase data. LOCATION AND DIRECTIONS How to get to Machine Zone Guests/visitors must enter the Machine Zone office through the security entrance in the back. Directions From 280 North Exit Page Mill Road Continue right onto Page Mill Road Continue straight approximately 2 miles Left onto Hansen (stoplight) drive past the visitor parking, follow the signs for "Additional Parking" and drive around the outside of the building, then park in the employee lot. We are in Building One, please sign in and enter through the employee entrance. From 280 South Exit Page Mill Road East Make a Left at the stop sign onto Page Mill Road, continue straight approximately 2 miles Left onto Hansen (stoplight) Drive past the visitor parking, follow the signs for "Additional Parking" and drive around the outside of the building, then park in the employee lot. We are in Building One, please sign in and enter through the employee entrance. From 101 Exit Embarcadero Road/Oregon Expressway Continue onto Oregon Expressway and drive to Page Mill Road (~2 miles total) Right onto Hansen (stoplight) drive past the visitor parking, follow the signs for "Additional Parking" and drive around the outside of the building, then park in the employee lot. We are in Building One, please sign in and enter through the employee entrance.

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  • Strata+Hadoop World Meetup
    Lets have a meetup around Strata+Hadoop World 2015 down in Santa Clara @ Hortonworks HQ. So far, we have the following talks: + Ricardo Jimenez-Peris will tell us about, "LeanXcale: Ultra-Scalable Transactions and SQL for HBase" This talk will present LeanXcale a platform adding ultra-scalable transactions and SQL to HBase, converting HBase into a full-fledged and ultra-scalable full SQL and full ACID database. + Dave Birdsall will give some details on Trafodion, right on the cusp of it's 1.0 release. Trafodion 1.0.0. Trafodion is an enterprise-class transactional SQL engine for the HBase and Hadoop environment. The recent Trafodion 1.0.0 release is a major step in this direction, providing many new production-ready features including a revamped Distributed Transaction Manager (DTM). There is also a host of previews of coming features. This talk will introduce you to Trafodion, describe its many-year heritage, survey its latest features, and describe some future directions. Parking Instructions: When you arrive, drive along the driveway, past the garage, past the Dell building, to the large parking lot. To the far right, along the grass bank, are parking slots reserved for “HW” (Hortonworks). Look for an open “HW” spot and park you car. Or ask the valet in red jacket who will guide you where to park. Tell a valet you're here for a Meetup. From the parking lot, walk back to the Tech Stadium Café, up the short stairs, and adjacent to the Tech Café Stadium, is an outside entrance to Mojave Conference Learning Center. (You’ll notice “Hortonworks Shuttle Pick Up and Drop” signs a the bottom of the short stairs.)

    Hortonworks HQ

    5470 Great America Parkway · Santa Clara, CA

  • Meetup@AppDynamics
    Come by AppDynamics in the new year for the first meetup of 2015. + Andy Buteau (https://plus.google.com/u/0/102650833185091091135?prsrc=4) of AppDynamics will talk about their HBase usage + Suraj Varma and Gupta Gogula on "HBase @ the Gap" + Chris Larsen on whats new in OpenTSDB 2.1 and 2.2.


    303 2nd St # 8 · San Francisco

  • HBase+Phoenix developer meetup
    This is a developer meetup to discuss how to extend and navigate the space between HBase private internals and functions Apache Phoenix needs to intercept or override as a complex coprocessor application. Discussions will require a good understanding of both HBase and Phoenix internals. Space is limited so please RSVP only if you are or will be an active contributor. We will hold the meeting at the Salesforce offices in downtown San Francisco. The location might update before next Thursday but will be within a few blocks of 1 Market and nearby the meetup at AppDynamics later in the afternoon.

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  • HBase meetup @ WANdisco in San Ramon
    Come to the next HBase user group meetup, hosted at WANdisco in San Ramon - starting at 6:30pm on Thursday November the 20th Talks include an introduction to Giraffa: Giraffa is a distributed, highly scalable file system, which is aimed to be able to: • Support millions of concurrent clients • Store hundreds of billions of objects • Maintain Exabyte total storage capacity Giraffa is utilizing features of HDFS and HBase in order to scale both the data storage and its metadata. Giraffa keeps directories, files, and blocks in a single HBase table distributed across Region Servers, while file data are stored in blocks on HDFS DataNodes. Brightroll will be talking about their use of HBase in building a leading video ad serving platform..

    Wandisco, Inc

    5000 Executive Pkwy # 8 Ste 510 · San Ramon

  • HBase Meetup @ 4 Infinite Loop
    Our friends in Cupertino will be the host for the October HBase Meetup! + Cesar Delgado will give a talk about HBase @ Apple + Francis Liu of Yahoo! will go into HBase multi-tenancy + Lars Hofhansl of Salesforce will go in depth on HBase performance Space is limited, so we’ll only be able to provide admission to people confirmed on the RSVP “YES” list (Please reply only if you actually intend to attend). For building security, we’ll need you to provide your full name and email address with your RSVP. Directions: We’ll have our talks in 4 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, CA in the Town Hall auditorium. If you’ve never been to this campus, take a look at this wiki page for reference. Please do not try to enter through the front entrance (at IL1). When driving to the meetup, drive all the way around to the back side of the loop and park near the IL4 entrance. That will be the only entrance available for the meetup. To avoid parking problems, please plan to arrive at 6:15 or later. Talks will be starting at 7pm. Pizza and Beer will be in the Garages (upstairs in IL4) from 6:15pm on the and the talks will be downstairs in Town Hall, same building. There will be folks available to show you the way. See you there!

    Apple Inc. Town Hall Auditorium

    4 Infinite Loop · Cupertino, CA