• Healers & Intuitive Support & Connection at Forge

    Forge Baking Company

    Come join our group of healers, intuitives, energy workers, and psychics for a like-minded, supportive space to: -- Explore and hone your gifts -- Get support and discuss challenges you encounter (whether personally or in healing work) -- Become inspired by other local healers and mystics who are dedicated to improving the well-being of themselves and those around them -- Have deep spiritual and philosophical conversations that aren't being had anywhere else -- Find safe space to simply be with others who "get it" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We're a group of gifted healers and intuitives who want to call forth and connect with others who are using their gifts to support the world. We meet a few times a month to support one another, make connections, discuss our challenges, and deepen into our gifts. It's amazing what we can learn from one another's lived experiences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The truth is we healers and intuitives need connection with others who "get it." So feel free to stop by and join us if this calls to you. And please don't RSVP if you cannot make it (or change your RSVP if something comes up. We take this group and our intuitive work seriously for ourselves and each other, and we like to hold that energy for all who choose to join us.