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Noontime Qigong for Beginner
Winter is the season for cultivating Kidney/Bladder Qi because winter belongs to water element and the nature of water is cooling. Therefore, we need to cultivate and protect our kidney/bladder the most during winter as the water energy is the strongest during winter! In this series you will learn how to cultivate and protect your Kidney/Bladder Qi in a simple, effective and powerful way. Through continuous practice, you will experience amazing results, especially for people who have general health problems associated with Kidney/Bladder. This class is for beginner taught in small group. Everyone welcome! (Sample video clip) Class Fee: 300NT/class | 1000NT for 4 classes To Join: Please RSVP, so we can wait for you. If you are unable to come, please kindly remove your name from the RSVP list. Where to Find us: We meet at MRT DAAN PARK station, Exit 2 outside. If you are late, you may find us in the park near the pavilions (one on the left & one on the right) not far from MRT station. Things to Bring: Most importantly, bring a towel and water with you. **Due to bad weather condition, the class may be cancelled. I will send a message to notify everyone on the RSVP list. Please check your message before coming. You can always send me message if you have any question. Thank you very much for your support and hope to see you soon!! LIKE us on FB:

Daan Park MRT Station

Exit 2 · Taipei

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This meetup is about learning Qigong in a simple way. Qi 氣 means energy, life force and Gong 功 means cultivation; it is the foundation for any Tai Chi practice. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong practices work on the internal organs of the body to balance and to strengthen the energy wind traveling throughout the body. By balancing and cultivating our Qi, our life force will be naturally strengthened and our mind will be at peace with the nature. In the beginning of the practice, you may feel sore - it is natural. But please have faith and continue the practice with a pure heart. About 15 or 20 days later you will begin to feel very good, very light, and the limbs and body will vibrate and full of Qi. Persistence in the practice is essential for successful Qigong practice. Only through continuous daily practice, you can know or understand Qigong theory through your own personal experience.

Healing Qigong is not hard to learn and is very beneficial for all age groups. If you are interested to learn some simple Qigong movements to strengthen your life force, to relief stress or to lose some weight, we offer small classes at various locations. Welcome to drop in any class and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions so we can improve to help you better!

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