What we're about

A place where your Spirit can heal...

Your Soul can soar...

Connection with Loved ones who have passed on,

Connection with your Spiritual Guides.

The physical. emotional and spiritual self in peace as one.

Connect with all that is & the energy that surrounds.

Welcome to Healing Spirits


Discover how Practical Meditation can help you unlock:
Your Innate Communication

with your Angels & inner guidance.
A deeper awareness of your Life Purpose
Learn how to follow your hunches

YOU were born with it.

Use meditation to relax and let your inner talents unfold.

Meet other local people who are interested in practical techniques. Learn how to reduce stress using meditation.

Start enjoying all areas of life including relationships with family, friends, and your career.

These programs are for people who want actually elevate their skills to experience communication with those that guide us and assist us from the 'Other Side.'

You will experience practical exercises and techniques during the meetups so you can feel in balance and maintain oneness with your higher self.

-Whether beginner or advanced-

Everyone is welcome.

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