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Trickle Up Healthcare Innovation: Lessons from the developing world

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Trickle-up or “jugaad" innovation are terms referring to an innovation seen first, or likely to be used first, in the developing world before spreading to the industrialized world. Jugaad innovation is a mindset and methodology used by individual innovators and companies alike to find high value, low cost and accessible solutions in healthcare and beyond.

Many individuals and organizations increasingly see the ingenuity of innovations born in resource-constrained environments for their ability to meet needs, produce at a low cost, and scale quickly.

This panel of speakers from international health organizations and business units and research/consulting organizations will discuss how they exchange ideas with, and learn from, their partners in economically developing countries and communities - and why incorporating this knowledge is more important than ever before.


5:30-6pm - Dinner & Networking

6-6:10pm - Opening Remarks

6:10-6:50pm - Talks from Panelists

6:50-7:10pm - Moderated Q&A

7:10-7:30pm - Small Group Q&A, grab more food, and networking

Opening remarks:

Dr. Simone Ahuja (,VSRPtargetId:6935469,VSRPcmpt:primary,VSRPnm:true,authType:NAME_SEARCH) - Founder at Blood Orange (; ( columnist; Advisor at MIT Practical Impact Alliance; and bestselling author of Jugaad Innovation ( - Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth


Rafael Vasconcellos ( - SVP Medical Affairs at UnitedHealth Group (

Heather Howard ( - Health Technical Advisor at American Refugee Committee (

Jeremy Newhouse ( - VP Operations at Matter (

Emily Anthony ( - Program Director, Heart Failure at Medtronic (


Here are some thought pieces and resources on Trickle-up ("Reverse", "Jugaad", or "Frugal") Innovation to consider prior to the event:

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