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We invite you to join us and experience a simple, effective heart-based meditation technique to rest your mind and bring tranquility into your life. The practice is not affiliated with any religion and focuses on a very practical approach to regulating the mind.

Heartfulness is a based on the philosophy of Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind), which aims to bring the mind to a centred state, thus making it balanced, focused, and effective. You are warmly invited to one of our Meetups or you can visit us at 2230 E. Parham Rd, Henrico VA, any week day evening between 6 PM-8 PM Or Sat-Sun: 9-11am. Let your experience speak for itself!

For more information please visit www.heartfulness.org (http://www.heartfulness.org/)

Upcoming events (5+)

Free 3 Week Meditation & Detoxification Course

2230 W Broad St

Hello Everyone, Happy to announce and invite you all to a 3 week Free Meditation Course at Heartfulness Center. Participants will be able to work through 3 techniques, one in each class, to mold your inner landscape and will be provided take home tips to establish a daily routine and see the benefits on their own. Class 1: Relax & Meditate: Guided Relaxation followed by Heart Centric Meditation Class 2: Detox & Rejuvenate: Guide Detox technique that would make you feel rejuvenated and lighter/fresher from inside Class 3: Reconnect & Weave: Will cover a bed time meditation technique along with daily take home practice tips. Class Time: 10-11am followed by Coffee & Cookies :-) All participants will be given a free copy of the International Best seller The Heartfulness Way book that we are sure you would enjoy reading and bookmarking in your collection. Questions/comments please e-mail [masked] Warm Regards Heartfulness Team

Let's Meditate...

Richmond Heartfulness Meditation Center

Howdy all? Have you wondered how to get started on a meditation practice? That too on something that ennobles you and brings the best of you out and let go of that is not aiding you on your journey. Join us for Heartfulness Meditation group practice as we navigate the calm and turbulent states of our Heart Mind field/existence/consciousness. We will start off with guided relaxation that helps relax the body and ease the mind into a Heart (seat of purity & love) Centric Meditation the experience of which is something .. you just have to experience! We have plenty of floor seating and normal chairs. So just come as you are and hopefully you will leave with a renewed YOU :-) See you all soon. Warm Regards Heartfulness Team P.S. We recommend for everyone to join us few minutes before 9am to settle down and soak in the goodness!

Meditation and Relaxation - at Charter Colony, Midlothian

1101 Charter Colony Pkwy

These sessions offer a practical experience of Heartfulness Meditation which you can experience and then integrate into your daily life. Heartfulness Meditation is a practical technique that you can use in parallel to any other spiritual approach: Try Heartfulness Meditation on your own and see how you feel. (http://heartfulness.org/experience-heartfulness/?target=try-heartfulness-on-your-own) Meditating with someone who has the capacity of yogic transmission can help you explore the Heartfulness practice more deeply. There are no charges for this, and we invite you to experience the unique benefits of this transmission.

Heartfulness Toastmasters Meetup

Natural Path Meditation Center

• What we'll do Come up with an open mind and heart to meet with people and exchange ideas and practice public speaking skills and the possibilities are endless. We meet on every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. • What to bring Come up with an open mind and heart and the possibilities are endless. • Important to know We meet on every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

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