What we're about

We are a new community which utilizes artistic, creative approaches to our mental health and personal well-being, based in London and Hertfordshire.

This can include, but is not limited to:

- Drawing
- Painting (including digital art)
- Colouring
- Writing
- Knitting
- Jewellery making
- Polymer clay
- Baking, cooking and food preparation
- Photography
- Film editing

And much more! It's a group that encourages any creative and artistic methods that have personally benefited you.

Group meetings will be casual, comfortable socials in an open space, where we can bring our art materials and create something new, or continue something we have been working on, while in like-minded company. We can exchange ideas, teach each other new hobbies and have someone to talk to.

Occasionally, I may host a meeting where we are using a specific art form or working on a particular project or theme collaboratively. This will be made clear in the event description and will be discussed with the group in advance.

Sharing your work is optional: It's okay to choose to keep what you're working on private if this feels more comfortable for you. There is no pressure to talk either. It's perfectly okay to focus on your art and listen.

Please don't worry about your perceived skill level. The group is for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience. I welcome those who have never picked up a pencil, paintbrush etc just as much as someone who creates art frequently. It's not competitive and we are not critiquing or judging other people's work. It's not a case of "good" versus "bad", it's about having an outlet for our feelings and connecting with others.

There is no need to have any knowledge of arts & culture to participate. It's fine to share information and interests, but making anyone feel bad for not having prior experience and knowledge won't be tolerated here. This group is for everyone.

Note that heARTs & Minds don't host art classes, lessons or any kind of therapy. It's simply a relaxed social group where we can create things together, combined with peer support between like-minded people.

**Members will be expected to bring their own materials, unless otherwise stated.**

If you aren't sure what you want to do and have no projects/supplies, come along anyway for some inspiration. :) I will always bring a beautiful adult colouring book filled with intricate animal portraits, so I don't mind giving you a page (they are very detailed, so 1 page should last for quite a while!) and sharing my pencils.

I personally plan to spend events writing poetry and short stories. If you would like to exchange ideas, themes, writing prompts or would simply like to give creative writing a try, let me know. :)

**Important Information**

We are a Private Group: This means that non-members cannot see who is in this group, the discussions or any Meetup details (aside from the title, date, time and how many people are attending). This measure is in place to protect the privacy and security of everyone here.

To join the group, click on "Request to Join." All join requests will be approved within 24 hours or sooner, unless stated otherwise.

Most events are free to attend and take place in a public space. However, events where I am supplying the materials and hiring a private room will incur a fee.

Before you attend any of our events, please read our Group Rules, Legal Disclaimer & Release of Liability and Safety Policy (links TBA soon!). Thank you.

Lots of love,
Jaz x

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