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What we’re about

The intention of Hekati's Network (pronounced "HECK-a-tee") is to support & encourage the evolution of Consciousness by emphasizing Compassion, Transparency & Cooperation within our lives, & our community.

We embrace & celebrate:
- Astrology
- Tarot
- Psychedelic Integration
- Breathwork
- Yoga / Meditation
- Energy Work
- Holistic Healing
- Connection / Community
- Awareness / Consciousness...

This community is a diverse, inclusive, safe space. We welcome people of every age, ethnicity, cultural heritage, religious background, socio-economic group, ability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Hekati's Network is based in Portland, OR.
Events* are hosted on Zoom, or in-person, by those who are inspired to share their energy, enthusiasm & expertise with the community.

The vision for this network is that it flows, and grows organically, connecting people with the resources, referrals, and community they seek.

For an overview of all the one-time and recurring events for the month, click calendar view:

*Potential event hosts, please contact Kazzrie about your proposed offering.
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We have a SIGNAL* Group!...
A place to discuss topics, make announcements, and create community among the members of Hekati's Network.

To JOIN the SIGNAL Group, please go to:

As with all Signal Groups, we recommend muting notifications, so you don't get an alert for every new post. 
If you place the Signal icon on your home screen, you can see when there are new messages.

*What is Signal?
The Signal app is a free, secure, private, encrypted way to send messages.
Download the app at: (or the App Store, or wherever you get your apps).

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"Everyone has the ability to heal.
Others can support & connect with us, but healing does come through the Self."
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IF you'd like to support Hekati's Network, your donation (of any amount) would be greatly appreciated...
Venmo @Kazzrie
Cash App $Kazzrie$Kazzrie
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After you attend an event...
Please take a moment to fill out our
Event FEEDBACK Form:

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