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hellohoneyATX's purpose is to create a centralized space that allows young minority and women of color (ages 21-28) in Austin, Texas to build our social network, build our presence in the community and, most importantly, to spark authentic connections and build a sisterhood bond! Activities that we host and/or attend include and are not limited to: brunches/dinners, workshops, volunteer events, discussions, trips and more! Will you be there?



Membership dues help to support one monthly event. Coordinating costs for said event(s) include and are not limited to: Venues, Food, Beverages, Gifts, etc. Should there be any remaining money left over, they will be used to support future event coordinating costs.

Bronze Membership: [FREE]

• Local Social Events (Events in Austin NOT exclusive to HHATX)

• Local Volunteer Events

Gold Membership [$20]

• Official hellohoneyATX Events (Gold Members Only Exclusive)

• Local Social and Volunteer Events

• Exclusive Perks such as Early Calendar Releases, Birthday-Shout-Outs, Featured Spotlight posts on Instagram etc.

• Invitation to Planning Meetings

• Event Opportunities as Brand Ambassadors

• Access to Purchase Merchandise

• Full Access to Meetup.com (Discussion Board, Members, Pictures, Full Calendar)

• Access to Exclusive GroupMe Chat

Instructions on how to pay:

• Go to the homepage at meetup.com/hellohoneyatx

• Click the drop down menu where it says "14 trial days left"

• Click "pay dues"


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is hellohoneyATX only for women ages 21-28?

While we love and support all women of color, this particular age range is what makes hellohoneyATX so special as we are the ONLY group in Austin catered to young adults! There are many groups in Austin that cater to women of color. However, oftentimes these groups consist of women aged 30+. Hello Honey was created to be a safe space for women in their early and late 20’s. The range stops at 28 to allow members time to participate after their 29th birthday.

How do I become a member?

Every 3rd day of the month, we accept new Gold members through Meetup.com.

When are membership dues due?

Gold membership dues are to be collected the 3rd day of every month.

What if I want to join after the 3rd day?

The 3rd day of the month deadline for Gold members is to ensure funds for planning our grand monthly event. There is always the opportunity to participate as a bronze member after the 3rd day, and to join us the following month!

What will my membership dues go towards?

Membership dues go toward organizing our grand monthly events (ie: venues, refreshments, activities, gifts/prizes etc.) Should there be any remaining proceeds, they will be used to support coordinating costs.

What happens if I don’t pay my dues each month?

Gold members will have until the 3rd day of every month to pay their dues. After the 5th day you will no longer have access to premium benefits. If you wish to regain access, you will be prompted to pay upon request. If you do not wish to pay for the gold membership, you are still welcome to participate as a bronze member.

What happens if I can’t attend the grand monthly event?

While we encourage every gold member to attend the grand monthly event, we understand that things happen. With that said, membership dues go towards supporting the efforts of sustaining our currently small-scale, community organization. Therefore, there are no refunds of membership dues should you not be able to attend. We appreciate you for understanding.

What methods are acceptable for payment?

Payments can be made online via Meetup.com

What if I have questions about my membership, events or any other Hello Honey related questions?

Members can make an inquiry via the hellohoneyATX GroupMe chat, the Meetup.com discussion page, contact our team at hellohoneyatx@gmail.com or message us via social media.

How do I stay connected?

Download the Meetup and GroupMe app available on iOS and Android. (And of course, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!)

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