What we're about

Helpers of Mother Earth wishes to create Environmental Awareness - Love and Respect for Mother Earth and Nature.

⑴ Seek out unwanted, defacing material pollution i.e. an inadvertently, now worthless, by-product of our throw-away, disposable society; made worse by those living outside societal norms. And then work to ⑵ control when we expose, what exists due to neglect and carelessness & finally, be the enduring, personal power examples as we recognize the need to (3) remove the pollutants that degrade our communities & spoil Nature.

Ultimately, with the H.O.M.E. 2X2 Community Cooperative Initiative 2 hours . . . 2 times a year, H.O.M.E. will organize events & assist in marketing all groups or teams thru photos taken at these events (without any financial support, fees or membership). Being part of the H.O.M.E. 2X2 C.C.I. makes it easier to maintain & protect the Environment, Nature and Wildlife from often dangerous and harmful pollutants in just 2 hours . . . twice a year.

Important parts of H.O.M.E. are: being money free, and the H.O.M.E. year-end poster.

Join our group (only need a name and email; not shared) on http://www.helpersofmothereaerhearth.org

Finally together we can control & remove the pollution inherent in the commercial cycle of consumerism, we are all part of . . . as we go on to celebrate H.O.M.E Town America by using the cooperative effort we are known for . . . and enjoy our communities as they should be.

An ALL-Volunteer organization that starts with activities people can participate in while building a respect for Mother Earth and eventually awareness and involvement with major Environmental issues. Having fun as and with families and friends is a top priority while enjoying the outdoors.

Our formula starts with hands-on volunteer work - 1.) removing then recycling pollution from public areas; parks, forest preserves, road sides, etc. This will help keep pollution out of streams, rivers and oceans 2.) promoting recycling. 3.) stopping pollution at the sources. 4.) using recycled products. 5.) being environmentally friendly. 6.) a lifestyle that includes Nature and respects Mother Earth 7.) working for the use of the Sun, Wind, Water as sources of power and involvement in major environmental issues.

Having fun; bringing people together with a common goal and a hands on approach to our shared responsibility for Mother Earth.

We ask you to team-up with H.O.M.E.. While others are standing on the sidelines, let's have fun and maintain and protect our communities, wildlife and Nature

Chief Seattle - Has anyone thought of our Earth as being our Mother?

Zeno 335BC - The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.

Please email me at vkemp@helpersofmotherearth.org (vkemp@helpersofmotherearth.org) with any pet projects you may have!

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