What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in experiencing hypnosis and hypnotherapy to heal, think differently, get to know themselves and potentially be happier.

At the source of every issue is you, you are the believer and the perceiver. Change those beliefs and you change your life.

Hypnosis uses the power of your mind With it you access your inner strengths and your inner resources.

Hypnosis awakens you.

We will meet up and facilitate workshops and/or hypnosis sessions on a variety of topics and life areas that group members are interested in learning about and improving in their lives to feel good, live better and achieve their goals.

Please suggest at any time a topic you would like to see addressed. I will do my best to put together an information session on it.

Topics we will cover might be and are not limited to..

Increasing Self Esteem, Overcoming fears and inhibitions, Increasing Confidence. Weight Loss, Addictions, Performance issues, Motivation, Working with the law of attraction, Unleashing and uncovering your potential, expansion of self awareness, and and and.....

A typical session will consist of a small lecture and discussion around the topic, then a group hypnosis session.

We will meet up in various locations throughout Durham.

The goal is to help you learn about yourself, and recognize patterns that may have held you back in the past. A group experience can be a comfortable and safe place to experience hypnosis. There is no obligation to share or reveal anything that will make you uneasy. It will not necessarily solve all the issues in one night, for that more in depth work would have to be pursued, but it can point you in the right direction, and sometimes that is all we need.

I also aim to schedule a couple of movie or social nights where we can watch something thought provoking and perhaps do a pot luck thing and discuss it.

Hypnosis is an amazing way to achieve your goals in almost an effortless manner. Come out and learn about yourself, meet some amazing people, be inspired, hear some great stories and maybe make a connection or three. You will be pleasantly surprised. I look forward to meeting you all.

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past life regression session

Divine Light Spiritual Church


Has anyone got an issue that does not seem to go away, and is irrational, maybe keeps recurring with no linear explanation? Hypnotists have mixed explanations or feelings about what a past life regression means. It may be historical or it may be a figment of the clients imagination depending on your school of thought..But it is always meaningful and life changing for the client. My plan is to invite anyone who is interested to have a past life regression. And have others watch the process. Sort of like we do when we are studying the stuff :) I have had some incredible experiences lately with the clients in my life that are healers. You can never know or anticipate what is going to happen in a session. Trust me regardless of its relevance to the client, or whether it has an impact on you. It is never boring :) I have to keep the guest list short because I don't want to overwhelm the person who is receiving the regression. If you want to be the recipient of the regression state this in your RSVP remember that potentially 7 other people will be witnessing the whole process. Some ground rules for this one, We will discuss the process and the content of it after the meetup. Please save your questions until then. Sometimes in any group therapy session you are triggered yourself. We can discuss this after the session is over. It may be hard to hear the process, because our recipient will be in trance. Please do not have conversations with each other while the process is going on, please keep your phones on silent or off. I'm not sure how long it will go, that depends on the process. Respect on all levels is imperative. Our recipient may be dealing with some very heavy issues and has chosen to allow us to witness I ask that everyone's actions during the process be indicative of the honor they have allowed us. We will put the attendees names into a hat and choose the recipient this way. [masked] Catherine) , [masked] or my website.. intuitivehypnosis.ca

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Psychic Fair at Divine Light Spiritual Church

Divine Light Spiritual Church

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