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This group is for anyone interested in learning how to tap into your own potential with help of divinatory tools, such as Tarot Cards, Oracle or Runes.
Tarot doesn't predict the future, although it indicates certain patterns and possible outcomes, rather it helps us to understand what is going on internally and externally.
I wish to share with you the secrets of the Tarot cards, their beauty, magic, and underappreciated psychological and spiritual aspects for self-analysis and deeper healing.

During the classes, we will discuss the most important aspects of Tarot cards, including your guiding energies, people of the court cards, Personality & Soul Symbols, and a special card that guides you this year!
These classes are fun, immersive, personal, and reviling.

You don’t have to have a deck of your own to attend, but if you have one, feel free to bring it.
You can join us for any class that intrigues you.
Attending all classes will give you a solid understanding of the Tarot Empire and if you're an advanced Tarot reader, these classes will surely expand your existing knowledge and inspire you to read even more!

If you have any questions, please write to


Much Love and Many Blessings 
Pati Becker

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