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Free Introduction to NLP! 1-Day Training in Princes Risborough. Bucks.
Wouldn't it be cool if you could propel you life to new levels? Be the kind of person you really want to be? Have more amazing relationships? Bring in more money? Have more adventures? Meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Be in control of your emotions and responses and results in life? Start a new business? Be financial free? Be able to set boundaries with people and do whats right for you? Its really up to you and NLP will help you get whatever you want. I totally believe that and Ive seen it over and over again and I'm doing it myself. This enjoyable programme is designed to introduce you to this life changing performance psychology. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) is like having the instruction manual for the mind, and its pretty simple to use. Our subconscious mind contains all of the programmes that dictate our habits, unconscious behaviours, responses, values, thought patterns and beliefs. Our conscious mind is incredible, but it's no match for the unconscious mind. If you've ever used will power to do something, you've experienced how tough it can be for your conscious mind to go against what the subconscious mind wants to do. Some of you might be doing great in life but you want to go to the next level, some of you may be doing ok but have some challenges that need resolving, and maybe some of you are as stuck and unhappy as I was when I first found NLP, wherever you are this is the information that you need. By teaching you NLP, we give you the instruction manual for your subconscious mind, so you can literally reprogram thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours that prevent you from being your best self. You can think differently, feel differently and behave the way you want, helping you achieve your outcomes. You'll still be you, of course... just the best possible version of you. You'll learn the tools of NLP so you can take control of your own mind, but you can also use these tools as a coach to help others to change and achieve their goals too. Nick has change every aspect of his life and has an inspiring story to share. This also gives him lots of anecdotes experiences and evidence of the power of this performance psychology. He uses the tools in his life every day and really walks the talk. Whats covered on the 1 day course? The 1 day programme will include a selection of topics taken from our 7 day NLP practitioner course. Introductory Topics may include: What is NLP and what can it do for you? The 6 principles of success Coaching with NLP Effortless Goal achievement and making your wildest dreams a reality for you Removing self limiting beliefs Changing problem behaviours Transforming relationships Accessing positive emotional states for peak performance Applications to health and healing, finances, relationships and revealing the real you Overcoming challenges to obstacles Q & A session We will make sure you know what the 7-Day Practitioner Training entails, since this course is designed to help you decide whether NLP Training is for you. We will endeavour to strike the balance between showing you tools and techniques and answering the questions you have about the full training. We have trained thousands of people over the world the past decade and most of our business works through referrrals. Therefore it pays us to keep providing quality training and helping our students acheive their wildest dreams. We love what we do and our outcome is to get this information out there as much as possible to help people have fantastic lives. Come and see for yourself, how we can help. Please feel free to bring friends along who might enjoy spending the day setting goals, learning how their mind works and how they can change their lives for the better. Please email me to register your interest for the above courses at [masked] or click on the links to register! We look forward to meeting you! Feel free to message me privately if you want to chat about anything.

Longwick Village Hall

Longwick Princes Risborough · Buckinghamshire

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    Are you new to NLP? A complete beginner or Already qualified? This group is for anyone interested in using NLP to improve their lives and the lives of others.

    We are new to MeetUp, but have been in business for over 10 years and running NLP Trainings and practice evenings for the last 5 years in London!

    (see our website for more information about us)

    We are a group of passionate people, using NLP and coaching to help ourselves and others BE, DO and HAVE everything we want from life!

    We know that the secret to being amazing includes a lot of practice, some support from great friends and a huge amount of encouragement! That's us!! And we're here to help you achieve whatever you want using NLP!

    This group is for anyone just getting into NLP as well as those who are qualified and want to improve their skills and deepen their knowledge.

    Meetings are always free and are held once a month in Central London and now we've started a High Wycombe branch too.

    Each month we cover all kinds of interesting applications of NLP including health and healing using the mind-body connection, sports performance, money manifesting, hypnosis and we also take requests! See you there!

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