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Memorial Day Wissahickon Hike & Lunch

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Sidney G.
Memorial Day Wissahickon Hike & Lunch


2 hours walk, 4-7 miles, brisk pace, Wissahickon and Chestnut Hill. For those interested bring some food and drink for lunch on my deck.

Chestnut Hill with it's mansions and gardens and the Wissahickon with 55 miles of trails are the gem of the city. Even after exciting trips abroad this is a great place to live and explore. Join me for different explorations in an area I have lived for 40 years, still adore, and find new stuff every day.

There are zillions of places to see like: the Historic French Village, reminiscent of architecture in the Normandy region of France,George Washington's Ancestral Home; the Buttercup Farm Barn Ruins, Historic Glen Fern, Druim Moir, The Ghotto, Fingerspan, Tedyeskium, Andorra Natural Area, Valley Green, Devil's Pool, The Wissahickon Inn, Louis Kahn Esherick House, The Philadelphia Cricket Club, dozens of palatial mansions with beautiful gardens, hidden foundations of houses and mills, Fingerspan helicopter bridge, Ten Pan, Rittenhouse Mill and house, Cedar House, Woodward Horse Farm, etc, etc, etc. History and beauty in every direction. Sometimes we have been invited in for tours.
Each hike is different.

GENERAL RULES : ••Hike at my pace. ••Hike lengths are approx: allow 30min -1hr extra. PLEASE be considerate, the following is frowned upon: ••Leaving early.••Providing unsolicited advice. ••Being unpleasant.••Newbies can attend a few of the free hikes, then pay the calendar year fee of $20 for ~300 hikes, $30 couple ••Option to pay $5/hike. ••Pay in person or at . Thanks.

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