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What we’re about

Our mission is to protect the planet by connecting people to it.

We design and organize hiking meditations around the seasons, weather, and cosmic events. Trails are selected based on research in ecopsychology to help maximize relaxation.

Our president and founder is veteran, a nurse, and doctor of forensic psychology. Dr. Karst integrates mindful experiences in nature as part of the healing process with her patients and created this MeetUp to bring it to the San Diego community. <br>

All MeetUps are donation based with a recommended donation between $10 to $20, but never let money keep you away!

Each hiking meditation starts with light refreshments provided at the trailhead while we get to each other a bit and people find the trailhead.

We practice silence of speech during all hiking meditations. We practice mindfulness meditation by immersing ourselves in nature. We start with practicing stillness of speech, then stillness of body, and with practice we hope to achieve stillness of mind.

With practice, hiking meditators may find empowerment, peace, and a better understanding of themselves.

Please be mindful and compassionate with your body. Please only join us for hikes that you can safely manage.

We predominantly hike in silence so please avoid phone calls or other forms of communication. Brief comments about our beutiful surroundings are the exception.

We hope to see you at the trailhead.