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What we’re about

Swaagat hai!  This group is for increasing and practicing our Hindi language skills.  It isn't a social group per se... so don't expect lots of fancy events!  We concentrate on learning and practicing the language. But of course, we are social in the process.  We have fun doing it and meet good people. :-)
We are friendly and informal, and we speak some English too. We  meet in different parts of Los Angeles. Right now we are offering some online meetings for our Los Angeles members.
If you are advanced/fluent in Hindi you are welcome, just be patient with us who are beginners/intermediate. Perhaps you can give us some friendly tips and corrections. If you are a beginner... Taking beginner lessons at home or with a teacher is important. And then you can practice with us. Our meetings are not usually actual lessons, although we do often briefly go over some kind of grammar, Hindi resources, or vocabulary.
Meetings are about half desis & half people from all over the globe wanting to learn or practice their Hindi.   Each meeting is different, we have different levels coming.
If you would like to host a meeting at your home, please let me know. (Online right now)

If you are interested in Anshu's beautiful and helpful Hindi script flash cards with script letters and sample phrases, please let me know.

Puneet Ji Puneet is in India and teaches Hindi - all levels. He also gives private yoga/meditation/breathing exericises classes.

Zubin Mehta  Zubin, a realtor in Santa Monica and fluent... helps us with some meetings.  He is always so helpful and a great person!
For your real estate needs contact Zubin at this website  HERE  "I'll treat your needs as mine". 
Anshu Jain is an experienced Hindi teacher. She teaches summer classes at UCLA. She's a wonderful teacher and person! For those of us that want lessons she has online lessons but also occasionally offers live group classes in Cerritos. Once in a rare while, she will make it up to LA and we'll have a meeting with her. We will occasionally have a meeting down in Artesia when she can make it.
Rajashri taught us informally in her home in the SGV for awhile. Her meetings were a wonderful language and cultural experience. Thank you for having us in your home for so long. Her daughter Reshama works with Henna and Dancing, see below!
Mitta Vicki Wise  I am an intermediate Hindi speaker, so I'm glad that Anshu, Zubin and sometimes Puneet (in India) are able to help.  I go to India every year and sometimes Nepal and am involved in India with an ashram. That's why I am so committed to learning Hindi.
I also offer private and professional guided meditation journeys, reflexology, empowerment coaching sessions and online women's programs. See HERE or
if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Henna by Reshama  Reshama designs beautifully intricate Pakistani and Indian style henna.  All free hand and plenty of style, pamper yourself or have a girl's nite In with henna at your fingertips.  This ancient practice of body embellishment leaves you feeling beautiful and relaxed. Available for weddings, private parties, & private classes in your home!
Bellydancing and Bollywood dancing classes with Reshama Discover your feminine goddess or shake it "Desi" style to bhangra beats.  Reshama offers private classes, teaches in a fun and encouraging style.  You'll get fit for swimsuit season and have fun to an ethnic groove.  Book your private lessons today!
Contact 626 415 7374 or for more information. Let her know you came from here, thanks!