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What we’re about

While Hispanics represent the single greatest aspect of demographic growth in the United States, Hispanics' participation in the occupations that fall into and involve traditional technical skills has lagged. This lack of Hispanic involvement has hurt innovation, put greater strain on the social network, and damaged the fabric of the United States. Hispanics in Technology will address the under-representation in technology by creating a platform that is open but has an emphasis on Hispanics and how Hispanics can increase their participation in professions that are technology-focused.

Mission Statement and Goals:

Hispanics and Technology will increase, and support Hispanic participation in technology where an authentic Hispanic culture is encouraged and supported. Hispanics and Technology will recruit, support, and nurture Hispanic startups by improving their access to capital and resources. Devlover a la comunidad. Giving back to the community; Hispanics and Technology will provide education, networking, and community engagement opportunities to honor our past and create a more robust future.