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NOTICE: On January 1, 2014, the core focus of this group will change from general fashion to fashion modeling and beauty.

Welcome to San Francisco Style!

AJ Patell's "San Francisco Style" Meetup Group is the place to be to get together, discuss, share and collaborate on the topics, trends and styles of the local modeling and beauty scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. Model your outfits, styles and looks. Get constructive feedback. Modeling, make-up, hair and nail workshops, portraits and more. Lots of good times to be planned, so join up and let's style!


I want to post a range of meets all over the Bay. This is ensure that everyone in the Bay who joins has decent access to come meet and hangout as much as possible.

The easiest meets to organize will be quick and easy hangouts to get to know each, other, have a drink, coffee, etc and just talk style. These will be setup at open, public locations such as nice bars, coffee shops, etc which can accommodate our group, adjusted we grow in size.

As we go along, I will be organizing special meets to do 'shop'. Maybe makeup workshops, hair workshops, modeling workshops, fashion swaps, etc. These will be in private venues and may require to small fees to compensate the venue or presenter.

If you have a suggestion for a meet/location, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can try to set it up.

If you or a third-party wants to invite us to a special event, please get all pertinent information, and not just the generic plug. Have them include some type of value perk for our members.


1. This group is not setup as a marketing bank, or for lead generation. At no times under the activities of this group should anyone shamelessly peddle their services unless it is appropriate to do so, and should be done after the meetup has concluded, on your own time. Contacting members of this group through email off the meetup group site to shamelessly peddle your services is also not allowed. Please respect all members and their privacy in this group. If someone requires your services, allow them to contact you on their own volition after getting to know you at our meetups.

2. This group is setup purely to improve our skills, learn from others, share with others, teach others, make quality friendships, and to have fun with style and how it can make us all feel inside and out. Respect each other and respect all styles! And remember, it's all Bay Area love! Enjoy, and thanks again for joining!

Much love,


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