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The Barefoot Doctor “Meditation Guru” is giving 2 hour meditation workshops along the Cote for only €20!

Menton: Friday, July 19th : 1930 Susanne : 06 07 06 31 25
The Barefoot Doctor is also having a One Day workshop on July 20th
All welcome to join these wonderful opportunities !
For those of you who don’t know him The Barefoot Doctor is a World-acclaimed teacher of the human condition and how to improve it from the inside out.
Author of 17 books with a following of millions worldwide!
He has been studying, practicing, teaching, writing and sharing this ancient Taoist philosophy and method made modern across all media over 40 years!
He has taken tens of thousands of people through the process successfully, both in online training and live events and can guarantee the results!
Presently lives in deep transit, is working on two new books, a new album, a raft of new online products, a large-scale electronic music event in London 2014, running retreats and giving talks.
He has a global following of millions, is acclaimed as a leading expert on Taoist wisdom and how to use it to prosper in your life, and as a healer and teacher without parallel, at least in his modesty and colourful and occasionally controversial ways.
He's dedicated his life (he's 58 and three-quarters) to studying the human condition and developing ways everyone can use to ameliorate it and eventually to attain to a state of perpetual delight for being alive come what may!

Contact: Beverley-06 47 74 04 03