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2 hour Workshop with Christine Brydon ‘Seven Principles of Spirituality’

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‘Seven Principles of Spirituality’ 2 hour Workshop with Christine Brydon-Astrological Counselor and Spiritual Awareness Teacher with more than 40 years experience.

Wednesday 26th March 7-30pm

Only 25 Euros!

Bring something cooked to share and a drink of your choice.

Everything in existence is made of the same substance that is vibrating at different frequencies. Animals, gemstones, buses, sounds, planets, colours, thoughts, you and me are all manifestations of the same essence which is resonating differently and that is what makes us all unique, or individual when compared to each other in a physical sense. The essence of Spirit is the same essence that motivates everything in the Universe but with one subtle difference, and that difference is one of abstract proximity, which will be explained during the workshop.

In the physical world we think of things as being in proximity, or related to each other, if they display similar physical characteristics, or when they are situated close together, such as being on the same shelf or in the same box, etc. However, in the world of Spirit, or the Higher Mind, things are considered to be in proximity only if they resonate with the same quality of thought or sensation, even though they may appear to be miles apart physically.

What this means is that we must first resonate within ourselves the same Spiritual, or Higher Mental equivalent of our desired objective before it can manifest in our material world. Whatever it is that we desire to have in our lives we must first resonate with that thing on a Spiritual level. These are the ‘Treasures in Heaven’ spoken of in the Bible or the premise of Einstein, that ‘Energy follows Thought’.

The workshop will help us understand and use with purpose the

- ‘Seven Principles of Spirituality’ or the Higher Mental faculty, taught throughout history by many Ancient Spiritual Traditions.

-Understand how knowledge of the Principles of Higher Mind

can enhance your life

-Learn to control your thoughts and switch to higher vibrations at will.

-Realise we are all part of the same energy field and we are using the Seven Principles of Spirituality at all times, either consciously or unconsciously,

the choice is ours.

Any questions: Christine Brydon

RSVP now: to arrange payment to secure your place.

Only 10 places available.

Le moonlight, 17, Boulevard Carnot Nice.

Tel:06 47 74 04 03