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"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives." Esther Perel

Welcome! This Online Holistic Workshop for Women is focusing on Cultivating Self-Love & Self-Acceptance, Success with Dating & Romance, Healing & Renewing After a Breakup, Divorce, or Toxic Relationship. It is Also Focusing on Creating Healthy & Fulfilling Relationships, and Deepening Your Capacity to Receive More Love, Abundance, & Success in Your Life!


All online women’s workshops are designed for powerful healing, liberation, and building success that can be created in group work! They are also intended to support you on an individual level and to help create community, connection, and an opportunity to learn & grow while supporting your success in love.

These Online Women’s Workshops can Include:

• Uplifting & Safe Environment~ These workshops are taking place in an uplifting, safe environment, surrounded by women, which creates an opportunity to be seen, heard, and receive compassion, empathy, and the support you may need in your own progress.

• Explore & Insight~ It is also an opportunity to create awareness, insight, and a willingness to be open to exploring new ways of thinking, feeling, and being, if need be, to support your success in love.

• Topics & Tools~ Each workshop topic will provide tools & solutions that you can apply in your daily life to support powerful shifts and transformations. You can find a list of all the different topics that will be explored in our workshops below.

• Dating & Relationship Coach, Holistic Love Coach, & International Matchmaker~ Within each workshop, Kate, the facilitator, will be providing proven, researched-based Dating & Relationship Coaching techniques and strategies. Additionally, she will intergrade the Holistic Love Coach approach, which addresses the whole person and makes sure you are in alignment on all 5 levels to make it easier to achieve your goals. These workshops will also be incorporating her knowledge and expertise from her past experiences as an International Matchmaker, where she successfully assisted her clients in entering an exclusive, romantic relationship throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, & Hong Kong.

• Holistic Healing & Insights~ The workshops can also include Holistic Healing & Insight, for healing any pain, fear, or mistrust that you may have attached or associated with your experience of love.

• Expert Speakers~ Some workshops will include more than one expert speaker, who will share their knowledge on the subject matter and provide tools to support your success.

• Add-Ons~ All workshops will begin by using one or more holistic modalities to help release any stress from the day and assist in uplifting you: by using Breath Work & Body Scan, Heart-Center Healing Exercises, Guided Meditation & Visualization, Affirmations to help shift your mindset, Healing Touch & Reiki, and Tibetan Bowls.

• Prizes~ Additionally, all guests will be given an opportunity to win gift certificates to Evolve & Empower's services and other prizes.

• Together~ This is a co-creating workshop, where we ask for everyone to come with an open mind and heart, a willingness to be flexible & receptive to what is being shared, and openness to trusting the possibilities in your own process to achieve your goals related to love.

• Online Workshop Preparation~ We ask that all workshop participants bring a notebook, pen, and an open mind. In our workshops, you will be playing an active role in participating in our different activities and receiving tools that you can apply in your day-to-day life. During our workshops, you will always have the option to share your story and insights with others, or you can choose to unravel your insights within your notebook. It is always your choice to decide what will best support you. For more on online workshops, please refer below for additional information.

• Online Workshop Location~ We will be using GoToMeeting as our online conference room for our event. A day before the online event you will receive a Preparation Email that will include your secure GoToMeeting link and instruction with how to use it.

• Workshop Testimonies~ We invite you to read more about women who have participated in our Holistic Women's Workshops and how it has benefited them! https://www.evolveandempower.com/testimonies


Future Workshop Topics:

• Your Longest Relationship is to Yourself- Healing, renewing, & developing a positive relationship with self (supporting your personal growth)

• Cultivating Wholeness- Deepen your capacity for self-love, self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-trust, and self-confidence

• Body Acceptance

• Vulnerability- Feeling safe to be seen & heard as your authentic self

• Boundaries- Defining what your boundaries are & honoring them to create healthy relationships

• Trust- Building & Maintaining Trust; with ourselves, others, and life

• Self-Expression, Communication, & Empathy- how to get your needs met, honor your boundaries & standards, and resolve conflict in a respectful & compassionate way

• Quality of Our Relationships improves the quality of our lives

• What is Your Love Language? Practicing & deepening our ability to receive more love

• What is Your Narrative about your love life? Breaking free from your old patterns in love

• Dating- How to stay positive and be successful in your dating life

• Dating- Where to go to meet quality dates & success with getting to the first date

• Dating- The art of courtship & romance

• Dating- Turning dating into an exclusive relationship

• Compromise- where to be flexible & where to draw the line

• Conflict Resolution- being able to be heard, releasing any need to be right, & focusing on a positive resolution that honors both parties

• Healing & Recovering from Toxic or Narcissistic Relationships

• Attachments & Co-dependency Relationships

• Sex, Sexuality, & Desire

• The 12 Types of Intimacy

• Successful Long-Term Relationship- how to create healthy habits & dynamics, generosity, desire, and fun

• Marriage- What needs to be addressed before saying “I do” to support your long-term success

• Topics related to Divorce, Separation, Breakups, and/or Loss

• Expanding your capacity to receive more love & abundance in your life

• Workshops & Events that Support Your Success & Empowerment

• Creating & Cultivating Abundance & Prosperity in your life

• And much more!


Online Workshop Preparation:

1. Your Preparation:

Have a notebook, pen, open mind, workshop exercises (printed or download on your computer to use in the online workshop), pick a space in your home where you won’t be interrupted, & use headphones if you have them.

2. Preparation Email:

The day before our online event, you will receive an email from Kate, the host of the event, with your GoToMeeting invitation link and workshop exercises in a word document format needed for the online event.


Online Workshop Rules, Ask Policy, & Etiquette: To Create a Safe, Uplifting, & Successful Online Environment!

• Openness- I ask for everyone to come with an open mind and heart, a willingness to be flexible & receptive to what is being shared, and openness to trusting your process to achieve your goals related to love

• Ego- I ask for everyone to be mindful of when they are coming from ego- referring to competitiveness, comparison, judgments, and who’s right or who’s wrong attitude

• Sharing- I ask for everyone to be mindful of sharing this space, especially when it comes to sharing your life’s tale. We want everyone to have a chance to open up and share if the mood strikes

• Ask Policy- Asking permission if someone wants advice (not everyone is in a space to receive advice/feedback) or asking if someone wants a hug (not everyone likes to be touched)

• Confidential- I request that everyone does their best to lead from a place of integrity. I also require everyone to uphold the honor system in and outside of our workshops by reframing from sharing what other members disclose in our workshops

• No Soliciting- This is a work-free zone. Unless we are discussing healthy relationships at work, as a topic for the workshop, I kindly ask for everyone to reframe from promoting your job or business

• Courtesy- I ask for everyone to put your phone on silent and to reframe from using it during our workshops. This way you can be fully present with yourself and others

• Muting Your Microphone- Make sure you mute your microphone during the online workshop when you are not speaking. This way any noise that may be taking place in your home won’t disrupt the online workshop

• Sharing Your Name- Any time you choose to share or ask a question during our online workshop, please state your name first before diving into your story or questions

• Participating- All attendees are encouraged to participate in our workshops to practice being seen, heard, or both, which helps us practicing connecting to others in our moments of vulnerability

• Being Fully Present- We ask for all attendees to pick a place in your home where you won’t be interrupted or distracted. To fully gain all the benefits of the online workshop, be fully connected to yourself, and receptive to the other attendees, we ask for you to reframe from surfing the internet, texting or talking to people who are not in the workshop, and/or watching TV during the workshop (etc.)


Join Us!

Join us in a supporting, uplifting environment, surrounded by like-minded women, who are open to personal growth, boundless love, and re-writing their relationship to love. What we do today will build upon tomorrow, so let's get started!

With all that in mind, we look forward to welcoming you to our next online women's workshop!

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