Holochain in the wild 🌳

This is a past event

9 people went


It seems that every week there are new projects coming forward that are being built on Holochain. During this event, we are going to have a look
👀 at some of these projects and discover what they are building and why they are using Holochain.

The projects we are going to look at:
(let us know if you would like to add a project)

During the evening we will make notes of questions 🤔 we will send to the teams. Once we get these answered, we will share these with you.

This event is perfect for everyone and all skill types who are interested in building projects on Holochain. You don't need any technical background or prior experience. It would help if you have a basic understanding of what Holochain is. To learn more about Holochain we would recommend you to visit: https://holo.host/faq/

We are very happy to announce that MADE Barcelona (http://made-bcn.org) is hosting us for this event. Thanks a lot.

Hope to see you soon!