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Let's get together to talk and learn about HoloLens and Mixed Reality. There's a huge opportunity for developers to reach thousands of enterprises and millions of customers by building experiences to help people in their daily lives!

Most of our meetups will be at the Microsoft Reactor SF, a great venue and hub for developers to come and meet other HoloLens and Mixed Reality enthusiasts. There's great opportunities to get training, participate in workshops, Hackathons, meetups, mixers and port their experiences to HoloLens or Immersive Headsets (Acer, HP, Samsung and more), including access to hardware and developer support.

Organized by Microsoft Mixed Reality Engineers!

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Reactor MR Series: StereoKit Tools and Tricks

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StereoKit is a cross platform .NET library for building XR applications. The core library is all you need to get started with XR in a nice simple package, but there's also a whole collection of tools and supporting code that can get you off the ground even faster! Check out this talk to see what's on offer in the surrounding ecosystem.

Bio: Nick Klingensmith specializes in tool development, graphics programming, MR, and OpenXR! With over 100 published games, he's worked on small arcade games, mobile GPU pushing titles, all the way to massively networked social games. The tools he published on the Unity Asset Store are also used in thousands of games, on just about every modern platform imaginable! Nick works for Microsoft on the Mixed Reality Middleware team and is the author of StereoKit the Mixed Reality Engine, and the Mixed Reality Lighting Tools.

This will be an online event - event link coming soon!

Virtual Reality Hackathon 2022: XR For Newborn Resuscitation

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This is an external event, sponsored by Microsoft. Please note the event is hybrid and begins on September 25, at 9AM UTC+1 and ends on September 27, at 2PM UTC+1.

Are you a person who likes to save lives? We are too! Then join eHealth4Everyone and Microsoft for this VR hackathon!

Theme: Saving babies’ lives (Virtual reality for infant care)
It will be a week of innovation and discovery.
Are you up for the challenge? The time is here!

Register to be a part of the Hackathon in Lagos, Abuja, or online by September 19!

Register here: https://ehealth4everyone.com/vr-hackathon-2022/

Premature delivery or failure to breathe at birth are the leading causes of newborn deaths which is about 2.4 million each year. Training in how to help the baby who does not breathe includes drying and stimulating the baby, suctioning the mouth and providing bag and mask ventilation, has been effective in saving many newborn lives. Premature babies also require special care for warmth and feeding. Unfortunately, there are barriers to the effective implementation of these training programs in low resource settings, which have been worsened by challenges with data collection on skills performance and outcomes.

Computer-generated simulations or scenarios are an innovative method to train healthcare workers, and to allow for practice, with standardized feedback, even when an instructor is unavailable. These simulations can be accessed on mobile devices, commonly available in many areas that also have high rates of newborn deaths. Using virtual and augmented reality devices, including mobile phone based virtual and augmented reality, can support learners to access training conveniently on a device when simulation manikins and instructors are not available. Another advantage of XR training can be the use of automatic feedback. Utilizing these emerging technologies can support healthcare workers in learning and maintaining their skills, thereby saving newborn lives.

This is an in-person event and will also be online for those unable to attend in person.

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