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Climate Smart Riparian Restoration Workshop
Riparian systems are one of our most important, and most neglected, renewable natural resources. Unfortunately, this valuable habitat has been removed, degraded, and disturbed since the first settlers arrived in California, with losses estimated to be as high as 95% of historic levels. In this workshop you will participate in the creation of a bioengineering project that uses living ecosystems to replace concrete and rock riprap typically used in conventional stream bank stabilization practices. As the vegetation becomes established it will support the engineered aspects of the stream repair project by developing roots that will hold the soil in place, and the resulting leafy cover will minimize the erosive impacts of rain on the surface. As the vegetation matures and becomes self-sustaining, the system will help to control flooding, sedimentation, infiltrate more water into the aquifers, and mitigate climate change while creating some of the most important wildlife habitat! During the hands-on portion of the workshop we will plant out the riparian and upland ecosystems. To RVSP and directions: Please bring a shovel, trowel, and/or digging hoe if you have them - don’t worry if you do not, we have extra. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you do not mind getting dirty, and bring gloves, and a hat.

Temecula, CA

Temecula, CA · Temecula, Ca

What we're about

Welcome Homesteaders!

We are a group interested in being more self sustainable at our homes, work, and in our lives. We emphasize on education, cost effective classes, sharing ideas, and team spirit.

Some of the topics we'll be exploring are:

- Sustainable Lifestyles

- Gardening

Organic, Hydroponics, Permaculture,

Aquaponics, Biodynamic, Green Wall,

Green Roof, Natives, Water Smart, Climate Controlled, Propagation

- Bees

Beekeeping, Honey Products

- Farm Animals

Chickens, Pigs, Goats, Turkeys, Rabbits

- Water

Resource Management, Harvesting, Greywater, Rainwater, Purification

- Food Preparation, Preservation

Canning, Dehydration, Smoking, Solar Cooking

- Alternative Energy Strategies

Energy Management, Solar, Wind, Geothermal

- Building & Maintenance

Cobb, Earthbag, Straw Bale

- Composting

Vermiculture, Yard Waste

- Blacksmithing

- Suggestions from members

Have an idea? Know of an educational event? Share it with the rest of us! Please contact a Team Leader to organize an event.

There are a lot of recent concerns with the economy and world affairs in general. Growing and producing your own food and household products makes good sense for your budget, health, and the environment. Interest in becoming self sustaining has grown fast.

The intent of this group is to teach/share topics related to homesteading that combine the best of the old ways and the advancement of modern methods.

Along the way we may throw in some survivalist classes. We live in earthquake country, with wildfires an obvious threat also. Imagine the power going out for whatever reason. Any one of us well prepared homesteaders would be comfortably enjoying a hot meal cooked in our solar ovens from home canned produce and backyard chickens while the local grocery stores are under mob attack. In another practical scenario, most households now have less income that it needs to cover groceries that cost more than they used to. Some solutions are to starve or eat substandard foods with poor nutrition. A much better solution is to grow your own food to save money and improve the health of your loved ones.

If you have an idea or a skill you want to share, please jump in and let us know. If you wish to create an event for the first time, you must contact the main organizer to arrange an interview with our education and outreach staff. During this interview, we can learn more about your planned events, skill levels, and how they will benefit our members. Once you become a "Core Education Partner", you will have direct posting access. We retain the right to edit, or delete posts without notice.

Thank you!

Members with a bad attitude or who try to exploit us financially, or other unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated here.

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