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BitDevs is a community for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related protocols. You can be well versed with or new to the topics - all are welcome!

This is a group for the exploration of Bitcoin. We will not be discussing investing, "Blockchain" as a general purpose technology, or altcoins and ICOs.

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Honolulu BitDevs Socratic Seminar #15

Needs a location

ColdCard Mk3 Giveaway!

Coinkite was kind enough to gift us some swag and a few ColdCard Mk3 hardware wallets (arguably the best device to secure your Bitcoin private keys). This will be the second giveaway!

I will randomly select a previously mined Bitcoin block at the meetup and record the nonce that was used. Participants can submit multiple numeric guesses, and whoever gets closest to the actual nonce value wins.

Submit nonce guesses ahead of time using this form:

You have to be present to win!

The BitDevs Socratic Seminar series is an event where developers/tech-savvy individuals discuss a brief overview of salient industry news and the latest advancements in Bitcoin development. All are welcome to join the conversation, regardless of technical expertise. Join us on Monday, September 26, 2022 at Entrepreneurs Sandbox (643 Ilalo St).

Note that this will be the first event at our new sponsored space, and Entrepreneurs Sandbox will be the standard venue for Honolulu BitDevs going forward! Our event will be in the Purple Box room specifically. Street parking may be available, but there is also a dedicated paid parking lot onsite ($1/hour). We will have pizza; feel free to bring drinks. If you’d like to contribute to the pizza fund, we accept BTC donations!

We will be discussing relevant technical updates and non-technical current events from the last month. This month's topic list can be found on our website:

This event is intended to facilitate discussion about the latest advancements in Bitcoin-adjacent development and relevant news/subject matter. It is NOT a discussion about price, trading, or any altcoins.

Join our Telegram group for event updates and ongoing Bitcoin discussion.


Thank you to our sponsors!


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Honolulu BitDevs Socratic Seminar #14

Needs a location

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