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What we’re about

Do you want to grow your dreams and encourage others to have hope in their dreams too? Do you have big ideas and wishes and want a circle of people who will encourage you?

I wanted this type of community and found some groups which are lead by therapists or coaches or are religion based. Some are networking groups or business groups. Some are support groups which focus on specific diagnoses. While all those groups are valuable, I was looking for a group where everyone supports one another equally and positively.

This group is for the people who notice and focus on the positives in life. Those who look for the silver lining and know there are lessons in the challenges. Those who want to make a change, "be the change" and create change in their own lives and the lives of others. You are a dreamer, creator, designer, reader, writer, volunteer, worker, and believer in beauty and kindness. You are an individual with unique talents and a voice. You love to help and see the value in contributing to other people's growth.

Together we will speak our truths, encourage each other to build our dreams, to make progress toward our goals and choose our paths. We will share our inner lives, grow through conversation and make real connections and friendships.

I'm hoping this group will draw together a diverse, international membership of people willing to encourage each other into building their best lives. Meetings will be on Zoom with an initial welcome and then one or two people will share details of their hopes and dreams and the others will hold space, encourage, brainstorm ideas and support them. When attendance grows we will use breakout rooms for this space. Sharing will rotate so everyone who wants can be supported and support. Meetings will be about an hour or so.