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What we’re about

Get your GEEK/NERD ON & Make Earth and Humanity Great Again. For people who are concerned about humanity and our response to emergencies like disease epidemics, climate change, and their relationships to economy and wellbeing. Corona Virus is not necessarily linked to climate change, but one thing for sure, epidemics will get worse with climate change and sadly, many will die. Some scientists predict earth population will crash if we don’t solve the climate crisis. SOOO, Lets go BIG & Talk about how to solve the F#!# climate and health problem thru a thoughtful fact-based examination of health, science, tech, economics & human behavior. If you are a nerd / geek with a knowledge fetish who wants to save the world, or contribute to finding solutions, whether it be local solutions and responses to corona virus, or our collective response to climate change, we need you. Come to a MEGA Meetup.

<br>This meetup is for keeners interested in climate health, science, technology, economics, and eco-psychology. Would you like to learn more? Do you already know a lot and want to share, meet others, and develop and implement solutions? Atmospheric changes are happening far faster than most scientists and models predicted. There is nothing we can do to stop it, but much we can do to ameliorate and mitigate climate impacts on future generations, ecosystems, and the economy. In this meetup we gather to discuss all the latest and greatest science, technology, economy, and eco-psychology news, information, and innovation. We help develop solutions for Vancouver, the millions of nearby residents, and the rest of the planet. We also forest bath!

<br>Each monthly meetup is 2 hours, with new subjects and special guests alternating each month. We devote 30 minutes per topic to a participant-led, rapid-fire discussion of: science; psychology; and innovation economy; with a 30 minute wrap-up to discuss action and implementation. Every other meetup features a surprise special-guest to lead us in group discussion on emerging issues. Each meetup is catered with vegetarian/vegan delights and drinks. Come 30 minutes early to chat and prep. Stay 30 minutes after for a nightcap. Fee: $20.

<br>Science. The scientific method has turned science into a bastion of conservatism, resulting in dramatic error in accounting for the immediate severity and sudden onset of climate change and eco disaster. The climate crisis is happening far faster than most scientists thought. The UNIPCC is now calling for “urgent and unprecedented changes” to achieve reductions in carbon emissions of 45% by 2030 to keep warming to 1.5 degrees C, beyond which catastrophic floods, extreme weather and famine will result. Yet still, no major developed country on earth is forecast to reach these emissions targets. This has made many say, “its not the science, it’s the economy, stupid!” But is it? Or is it human behavior? What is the role of science? If not science, then what?

<br>Health and Psychology – Climate-related mental health problems are on the rise globally. From chronic physical disorders to minor stressors, people’s emotional ability to cope with the advancing climate crisis is changing. Many are in denial or do not realize they are affected psychologically, possibly resulting in myriad unreported minor mental health disorders that affect productivity, creativity and interpersonal relationships. Climate / Eco Anxiety (solastagia) is now widely recognized as a mental disorder: American Psychology Association (2018), The American Medical Association (AMA 2019), and soon in the Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMMD 2020). The Climate Psychology Alliance is concerned that climate-related illness / disease is rapidly expanding globally.

<br>Innovation / Economy– Its hard to innovate in the climate arena when ¾ of us feel worried, ½ feel helpless, and most have our heads buried in the sand. Nonetheless, innovation is happening at breathtaking speed. We discuss innovation and economy in many arenas ranging from public policy and planning, to tech innovation labs, to community empowerment vehicles. We look into citizen mobilization, conservation, transportation, energy, building codes, atmospheric interventions, carbon capture, manufacturing, heat pumps / energy transfers, agriculture, EV’s and other innovations, and socioeconomic / cultural implications and limitations.

<br>Whether you are 20 or 80, you are welcome here. Join Activist / Scientist Andy Miller for rousing and heartfelt discussions. Andy spent 20 years as Staff Scientist for a major charity. He has multiple degrees in Science and Social Psychology. His current work helps “Earth Entrepreneurs” develop successful business and marketing models. Andy is a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, an international team of thousands of professionals, helping examine and solve eco anxiety.