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Suicide proves the universality of men and women--that no matter our age, race, sexual identity, culture, socioeconomic background, spiritual beliefs or political affiliation—that we have more in common than sets us apart.

For no matter who we are, where we’re from, how we live or what we do—Everyone of us can become overwhelmed, experience distress and have thoughts of suicide.

Hotline work is challenging, the training intensive, but the experience is extremely rewarding. Many of Samaritans volunteers say they received a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from their hotline work than their paid jobs.

Samaritans volunteers are remarkable mix of people of every age, culture and background who don't just talk about helping others, they actually do something!

Our volunteers are sensitive, open-minded and responsible individuals who work as cooperative members of an organized team devoted to helping others and preventing suicide.

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