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This is an alternative to living in a banker run world. As people are losing access to money, they believe that they have lost personnel value and worth. Which is not the case. People still have skills, time, and items that they own. Other people around them also have the same items. We all depend on each other and we all require the skills and time of each other. The only thing that has changed is that we have become deprived of a system of money that we grew up believing in. There are no longer enough dollars to buy the services and items we require as money has been siphoned out of the economy. However there are enough people, enough time, and enough goods for all of us to survive, and even prosper. All we need is to come together, and to help each other. This meet up is dedicated to starting and growing a sustainable system that allows you and I as free people to share in a fair system of exchange, education, and resources to continue to not only survive, but thrive in an alternative system of support and caring. The main elements of this system will be the exchange of time, or hours as our basic unit. Its simple to keep track of, we all have it, and it is a gift that we all can share with each other. The second thing that we need is a skills bank, so that we know who can do what. Skills are also something that we all have. The third thing we need is a way to learn new skills, so that we can match the skills to the needs of the group members needs, to make sure that we have enough people to do the things that we need to survive and thrive in the future. Another element that we need is a trading post, or a market where we can come together to trade the products that we make for cash, or hours. This is our interface with the cash society, as well as our meeting place. If you need help join up and come to one of our transition meetings, where we will help you to join us in creating a new community for you to live in.

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