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Testing with Jasmine


The Jasmine talk has been sitting in the queue for awhile. Peter Seale volunteered to give a talk on Jasmine and testing in general. Peter is a long time friend and quality software advocate so this should be a great evening for lively discussions.

Abstract from Peter:

Hello and welcome! We’re gathering together to discuss automated testing in JavaScript via the Jasmine framework.

For this talk, I have two primary goals:

Introduce Jasmine and get everyone comfortable using it, and Show how to do end-to-end (browser to database) testing with Jasmine. I have a third, secret goal:

Host a community discussion about how to test effectively (in JavaScript). We will be testing a realistic Node/Express app, so any of you disgusted by “2+2” calculator demos or test-driving a Sudoku solver may rejoice.

I’m Peter Seale, and I’ve done TDD (mostly wrongly) since 2007, and have had many embarrassing, publicly-searchable, permanently archived arguments about TDD and testing on blogs worldwide. In my old age I've mellowed and no longer take any of this stuff too seriously, and as such, we should have a rowdy fun time. I have several GOOS tattoos. Mockists are heretics.

1121 Delano Street · Houston, TX