What we're about

Are you ready to go big online as a thought leader in your area of expertise?

Are you ready to move beyond 1:1 work, build a bigger following and email list to create more impact and revenue?

Hey, me too! This is my #1 focus for 2021.

I'm leveraging my background in video and online marketing to make 2021 the year I go BIG and grow my online following to pursue my dream. More about that later!

What's in this for YOU?

I'm sharing my journey with a few like-minded entrepreneurs.

Join me for a brief, informal overview (no slides!) and time for top level Q&A. We'll talk about what you need to get started going BIG online, and you will pinpoint your logical next step.

Spoiler alert - Invite a potential business partner, because doubling up is just one way to go 2x as fast.


If your goal is a full roster of perfect 1:1 clients, you are still welcome but that isn't the business model we are covering in this meeting.

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