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If you are wanting to improve yourself and become more confident, you are in the right place. And bravo to you as well! This group will provide you with unique insights into why you may not be operating in life as fully as you should be.
We all have barriers and obstacles, some more than others. The only reason an obstacle or barrier remains an obstacle or barrier is because you can't quite see it (yet you know it's there), or you know what it is but don't know how to make it go away.
Either way, the first step is getting educated about it. Only then can you effectively deal with it.
And what is "it"?
Well, it's things like:
- Being nervous and introverted around other people
. Difficulties communicating with others
. Unable to get or maintain good relationships with others
. Failures in meeting goals
. Unable to think clearly
. Having unwanted and negative emotions too much of the time
. Stress and anxiety
. And many more
If you are ready to change these unwanted conditions in your life, then let's get busy. The information you will gain from this group is based on actual discoveries about the mind and the spirit.
This group is a safe space where you can learn how a hidden part of your mind is triggered in times of stress, resulting in all kinds of unwanted emotions, confused thinking, and introversion. No gimmicks, no drugs, no hypnosis. Just real knowledge on how to unstick the mental mechanisms that keep you trapped and your potential and abilities held down.
And once you understand this, and know how to apply the knowledge correctly, there’s no limit to what you are capable of.
Let’s start!
This free seminar is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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A Serious Loss Does Not Have To Ruin Your Life. Learn more!

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Losing a relationship with someone can have a devastating effect on your life. Whether it's a breakup, divorce, death or some other experience, sometimes such a loss can turn your life upside down.

Sometimes these losses have happened recently, and sometimes they can have happened long ago, yet still exert a negative influence over your life today.

Has this happened to you? If so, you need to know some exciting information that could change this downward spiral.

Join our Zoom this Wednesday at 7pm PST. Find out what a great number of people worldwide have learned.

It is possible to regain your lost enthusiasm and verve for life after a devastating loss. You do not have to be held back or down because of it.

But you need to know how it is that a mechanism in your mind can cause to to feel negative emotions long after it should have stopped.

This glitch, gone unnoticed and not understood, has the power to make you less happy. It has the power to reduce your vigor and excitement for life.

Want to change this? You can! RSVP now!

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center. Anyone of any faith or belief system is welcome.

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Finding the Real You! Don't Be Buried In Past Traumas!

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