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What we’re about

Relationships are hard, but it's IMPORTANT we include having freewheeling, dancing-in-the-dark, laughing-out-loud, FUN in our lives, regardless if we're solo or with someone.
Yes, it's important to first be happy by yourself.
And many people feel their solo happiness to be greatly magnified when they're sharing lives in an accepting relationship with a kind, positive, "real" person (warts and all).
I'd like this group to include having fun as one part of helping our relationship with ourselves and with others be enjoyable, more able to unfold easily and upward.
Occasionally we'll have a meeting that is less focused on fun and more focused on the fact that relationships take effort, and the key is to make sure that everyone involved is moving in the same direction.
I have found the biggest difference maker in any relationship is communication. Therefore, in those learning/sharing meetings, we'll focus on practical steps to help us improve our communication with the closest people in our lives.
Key principles we will apply in those learning/sharing meetings are assertive speaking, active listening, conflict resolution, and many more practical ways to help us build loving relationships that last a lifetime.
It is important that our time together is interactive. There will be short moments of instruction, and then time to practice what we are learning with one another. It's going to be great.

(Meetup requires stipulating attendees under 18 y.o. must have a guardian with them.)