What we're about

Welcome to How to Speak Tiny Human So They Listen.

This group is for parents of children exhibiting behaviors that baffle, frustrate, or drive you to want to cry out, "Alexa, pour more wine".

Behaviors like: tons of crying, screaming, hitting, not listening, talking back, and semi-professional stalling at bedtime.

I'm a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and mom, excited to share my 27 years of experience positively affecting the lives of children with significant behavior challenges (and their families) along with my love of astrology and human design to help you p.a.r.t.n.e.r with your child to positively and compassionately impact their behavior, elevate their gifts and strengths, and honor the tiny human who has taken over your side of the bed, AS YOU HONOR YOURSELF.

Your child's behavior doesn't need to be "tackled", nor "managed", but understood for what it is— communication. And your child actually DID come with an "owner's manual"— it's called his or her human design.

The children I've worked with for over 25 years (wow, I'm old) are often "diagnosed" with ASD, ADHD, SPD, and the like. I'm not a fan of the term "diagnosis" as it portrays an idea that something is very wrong.

Yet, this group is NOT just for parents of children with ASD and ADHD. My latest passion is the tiny "tyrant" set— tiny humans, ages 2-5, who have slowly taken over your household and sanity.

The purpose of this group is to bring cutting-edge educational and informational resources to parents who want to ENJOY their children and their lives again. Who want the tantrums to end, or at least to drastically decrease.

This group is perfect for parents who are ready to throw out the old ways that never worked in the first place. Parents who want to learn to honor their (child)ren according to their unique design— replacing chaos with calm throughout the process. Parents with the courage to see behavior through a different lens and try an innovative approach to "behavior management".

In-person meet-ups are coming soon, as we all need a change of scenery and a boost of serotonin. Meet-ups will include free support sessions (think happy hour) and paid trainings.

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