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Open sourcing BuzzFeed’s single sign-on experience

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Event Schedule
7:00pm: Meet folks and enjoy some pizza
7:30PM: Talk begins
8:15PM: Talk concludes

Speaker: Logan McDonald

Description: As BuzzFeed transitioned to a microservice platform, we needed a way to secure a growing number of independent internal apps used by our employees. This talk will detail our open source project sso a.k.a. The S.S. Octopus, BuzzFeed's centralized solution to authentication and authorization of internal services.

Bio: Logan is a security-focused Site Reliability Engineer at BuzzFeed.
She is obsessed with learning, but especially with the learning process that accompanies onboarding people new to security, operations tooling, and concepts. If Logan has a personal brand, she hopes it is "Friendly Neighborhood Operations Engineer".
Button HQ
220 E 23rd St, 10th Floor · New York, NY
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