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Our user group is intended for anyone interested in Power BI and the Power Platform as well as the topics of business intelligence, analytics, and data science around Hampton Roads, Virginia. Our meetings focus on sharing tips, best practices, interesting use cases, and the impact of analytics through Power BI.
All skill levels are welcome!

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June 2021 Hampton Roads Power BI User Group Meeting

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Our next user group meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021.

Topic: Bedazzling Your Bookmarks & Buttons
Bookmarks and Buttons are two of the best ways to add web-like user experiences into Power BI reports. Bookmarks can help create a more seamless filter and navigation experience. Buttons can both be used with bookmarks, but can also be leveraged for a lot of other report functionality and navigation.

Speaker: Reid Havens
Reid is the founder of Havens Consulting Inc. and is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP). He has an extensive background in technology and organizational management, and has obtained a Master's Degree in Organizational Development and Business Analytics. He has experience as a consultant working with many Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies. Additionally, he teaches Business Intelligence, reporting, and data visualization courses at the University of Washington and other universities.
Reid is also an avid content developer. He has authored numerous videos and articles on multiple video platforms and blog sites. In addition to having also developed multiple training curriculums that were delivered to numerous companies around the world. In addition to corporate trainings, Reid has also developed college-level curriculums for the University of Washington and other universities.

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May 2021 Hampton Roads Power BI User Group Meeting

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