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Lightroom is a great program for workflow management - storing and organizing your photos so that you can always find the image you want.
It's also a powerful editing tool. Our three-hour Lightroom workshop focuses mostly on using the program to tweak your photos. We'll show you whole slew of tips and tricks to edit and punch up your photos without having to put them in Photoshop. And we'll show you our systematic approach to maximize the effect of the tools when you use them together.

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If you love photography but find that the camera often gets in the way, or if you simply want to improve your photography, we have courses and classes that help you take control of your camera and become the photographer that you always wanted to be.
Join us in our classroom on Saturday, August 13th from 10 AM to 11 AM for our free Intro to Digital Photography class, and we'll get you started. Please sign up at the website below, so we can let you know how to join us for the class. Use the link below to reserve your FREE spot now!

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