What we're about

As summer winds down, the fall season is a time to embark on change and reflect upon your own “harvest” of sorts -- what you’ve taken in and what you need to let go of and for healthy balance Come join us during this auspicious time.


· Experience a deep state of relaxation and stress reduction.

· Calm the mind and improve meditation experiences.

· Heighten awareness & increase focus and clarity.

· Awaken your creativity and experience a sense of over all balance.

· Create or bond relationships, manifest abundance, and expand consciousness.

· Balance your chakras and release blocked energy.

People often find resolution for emotional issues and a sense of coming home to themselves.

Please bring a blanket, mat and a cushion and anything that will make you cozy lying down

RSVP as Space is Limited

Come join me during this New Moon period and visualize and manifest whom you get to be in these years approaching...Saturday the 13th @ 7.30-8.45pm & Sun 14th 7- 8.30pm .Open the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and Soul answers, as we remember to be constantly aligned with the Neutral Mind. Let all other thoughts be without disturbance to your constant inner light. The focus will be on healing and elevation of body, mind and spirit by attuning you to high-frequency vibrations through breath "The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played” - Yogi Bhajan

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