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Welcome to the Habersham Mill Fly Fishing School – an intensive 2-day course designed for novice and intermediate anglers. The school combines classroom instruction, casting practice and actual fishing time.

This is the best place to learn how to enjoy the sport. If you have never held a fly rod, we’ll give you a solid foundation in the basics and give you the opportunity to put them into practice. If you have some experience, we’ll help you take your skills to the next level.

Unlike other fly fishing schools, ours is designed to let you learn-by-doing. Of course it helps that our school is located literally on the banks of the beautiful Soque River. Only a small fraction of the class is actually in the classroom – most of our time is on the water learning by experience. A high teacher-to-student assures plenty of help, but we’ll also allow you time to self-experience.

We have done everything possible to make this the top fly fishing school in the country. Our instructors are experienced professionals and skilled teachers, and the student/instructor ratio is 3/1 or less – we can tailor the class to each individual and offer specialized individual attention.. The venue is excellent and it’s a perfect learning environment. The Soque and our private water on the upper Chattahoochee are two of the finest fisheries in the state.

We also offer lodging in handsomely renovated historic mill spaces. The 40 acres of mill grounds offer walking trails, falls overlooks, riverside fire pits, yoga platforms, fishing platforms, swimming holes, quite starlight evenings. School participants may bring the whole family.

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