What we're about

Why do we exists?
Our core purpose is to help people be productive, connect with other like minded people and create value for society. We exists to connect the innovators, early-adopters, trailblazers &instigators because we want to help build a relationship and expedite Bangladesh’s journey into knowledge Economy.

What is hubdhaka ?
hubdhaka is a tightly knit community of innovators, early-adopters, trailblazers & instigators who chooses to escape the isolation of working from home. Because they believe in the social benefit of working with other like-minded individuals in the interest of pursuing a common goal : productivity.

What we are not :
hubdhaka is not a cheap office space. This is where Dhaka's innovators, early-adopters, trailblazers & instigators come to work. They share the belief that ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.'

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