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Hues of the Blockchain focuses on bringing knowledge to people of color, "people of all different HUES," about blockchain technology to local startups, entrepreneurs, investors and community. Our meet ups will bring industry leaders to share their knowledge and expertise with our community. Our events will feature keynote speakers, sessions, panel discussions and fun blockchain themed events. You’ll meet innovators, leaders, and philosophers in the blockchain space sharing their ideas, solutions and technologies set to advance our society.

Monthly Meetup group focused on bringing people of color together to learn more about how to leverage blockchain technology. We aim to bring together interested parties, developers, and thought leaders to discuss potential applications of blockchain technology, and potentially move forward on creating humanitarian solutions.

Each event will include multiple speakers from various backgrounds. Speakers may be developers creating fintech spaces, blockchain dapps, or solutions, consultants, institutions, charities using blockchain solutions, humanitarian workers interested in exploring blockchain tech, and thought leaders in both spaces. Bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain applications. Join us!

Join the Hues of the Blockchain community dedicating their talent and work to educating more people of color and women about how blockchain can transform our world. Join the fastest growing blockchain network in Georgia, see you at our next event!

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