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Hey humans,

Meet me on Friday to do the opposite of what we are used to. What that means is that as people, we very easily just absorb and do. We eat, we drink, we work, we drive, we shop, we rest, and we do it all again. I want to share my perspective of seeing our humanity from the outside in terms of society, but the inside in terms of our motivation, determinations, and actions. The possibility that change is good for us is very real.

So although we will be at the mall with hundreds of other humans, we aren't there for the same reason. We will be there, at least hopefully, to examine human behavior, talk about it, think about it, question it, and probably even challenge it.

No matter who you think you are, I urge you to join me, because it's very easy for us to define our humanity by what we have absorbed and not our humanity.

I understand people have reservations, but I'm a very understanding and laid-back guy- this is 100% no expectations no pressure stuff- If you're human you qualify.