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What we’re about

This is a meetup group dedicated to exploring and discussing the powers of the human mind in all shapes and forms.From accelerated learning/reading to remote viewing, from exploring the  Singularity to Noontropics and brain enhancers.Our objective is reproducibility of results. If someone is special lets find out the difference that makes the difference so we can do it ourselves.

Speakers will share their projects with the members.One night be in in remote viewing, another in the next generation of brain enhancers, the next will be on accelerated learning. The objective  here is open the mind to new vistas and possibilites, Our emphasis is on learning tools that we can go out and use. If someone knows how to it we can find out why

This group is for explorers, aeronauts of the spirit. the curious and the open minded. Consensus reality is depressing and chaotic . We know there is a way out of the Matrix and we are here the find out.

So join us !!!