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What the CIPD won’t be able to teach you about HR in creative and modern organisations!!

From Mad Men to The Internship, creative industries have inspired many screenwriters. Perhaps unsurprisingly, protagonists never work in the HR department. Scenes where they set foot in it are few and far between, if they exist at all. It’s not just because the HR department isn’t the most “sexy” (that would be an HR violation). It's because in creative industries, HR doesn’t wield as much clout as it does in the corporate world. In the startup scene, it’s not uncommon to find companies freewheeling without any kind of human resources — but this never lasts for long.

So, let’s talk bringing order to creative chaos and shaking up office culture to work for the modern workforce. This is a safe space for all of those working in this environment to share ideas, best practice and horror stories.

Led by People Director at Beyond & AgileHR Practitioner transforming HR to become "facilitators of success, not dictators of best practice"

The back story

I created this meetup as a safe space for anyone who'd been handed the HR "Hat" to wear in their business. This originated in the creative industries, as I realized most small agencies couldn't afford the large operational footprint, and often HR was picked up by Founders, Project Managers, and Marketing Directors. Or maybe you're the sole stand-alone HR person in a sea of people!

I wanted to create a safe space for these people to come and learn about HR, and to feel supported as it can get lonely out there. A place where you can ask the questions you can't ask elsewhere, and hear the "real talk" version of HR.

Over the year its evolved, to space for everyone to come and learn a more progressive and up to date approach. To discuss topics like Intersectionality, What it really means to be in HR, to learn Design Thinking in a non-design environment and what trends will impact them on the people agenda.

If any of this resonates with you, then please come along or put your hand up to contribute. We're better together. Hopefully see you at the next one!

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