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Disordered or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality.

Presented by Dr. Veronica Drantz Location: Center on Halsted, Hoover-Leppen Theatre 3656 North Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60613 Date: September 18th (Saturday), 2010 Time: 6 pm Presentation Description: What exactly is a Female? Male? Intersexual? Is intersexuality natural? How many sexes are there? Sexual Identity - innate or learned? Sexual Orientation? Sex versus Gender? Religious myth versus science! Cruel and unscientific medical treatment of gay and lesbian people, intersex people, and transsexual people! Fifty years of research on core sexual development from a physiologist?s perspective. Questions and discussion to follow presentation. FREE! Please plan to join a group of us that will be going to dinner at a nearby restaurant after this event. This will be a Saturday night you will talk about for a long time! See the slideshow: http://drdrantz-scien... (http://drdrantz-sciencesexuality.blogspot.com/2010/07/powerpoint-slideshow-disordered-or-just.html)

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